"2020 Happy New Year!!!" Balloon

  • "2020 Happy New Year!!!" Balloon - Balloominators

"2020 Happy New Year!!!" Balloon


⭐️✨🎉🎈Deck out your upcoming NYE party with this unique gorgeous balloon!🎈🎉🎄✨⭐️

🎈Balloons arrive deflated 🎈

🎈Fill with helium (to float) or Fill with air (to hang/position) 🎈

🔋Batteries are included and installed 🔋

💡LED lights will stay lit up to 72 hours before needing replacement!💡

🎈Balloons are REUSABLE, only decals are not! 🎈





  • 1 "Happy New Year!!!" + "2020" + ⭐️ decals all sized together for a 24 inch balloon
  • 1 transparent 24 inch balloon
  • 1 strand of gold curling ribbon
  • 1 paper measuring tape📏
  • instructions


** In addition to the above, enclosed is:

  •  1 transparent 24 inch balloon  


📦📬Ships within 2-3 business days 📬📦




Balloons arrive deflated, you can either fill with helium (to float), or fill with air (to hang/position). Gorgeous either way!   Balloominators can be used over and over again (if properly deflated), so do NOT use once and throw away!!! The decal is not reusable, all other items are.


Color Scheme

Decals : Shimmer Glitter Black, Shimmer Glitter Gold, Shimmer Glitter Silver