Custom Clear Ombre Balloominator

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Custom Clear Ombre Balloominator


Customize your own 24 inch balloon! Choose your very own custom decal, color and font.  Express whatever words your heart desires, no filters! 
📦📬 Ships within 1-2 business days 📬📦
🎈Balloons arrive deflated 🎈
🎈 Balloons are PRE-STRETCHED, meaning less preparation for you! 🎈

🎈Fill with helium (to float) or Fill with air (to hang/position) 🎈

🔋Batteries are included and installed 🔋

💡LED lights will stay lit up to 72 hours before needing replacement!💡

🎈Balloons and LED lights are all REUSABLE, only decals are not! 🎈




  • 1 clear ombre 24 inch balloon
  • 1 LED light string 
  • 1 custom decal
  • 2 CR2032 batteries (installed)
  • 1 paper measuring tape 📏
  • instructions 


** In addition to the above, enclosed is:

  • 1 clear ombre 24 inch balloon 




Preview many different fonts to help you decide what style you would like your wording to be!


Product Specifications

 LED Light String:  118 inches, 30 LED lights

Balloon Material:  PVC



** OMBRE BALLOON DISCLAIMER: Please note that the paint color may rub off a bit while inflating and tying the balloon, that is normal. **